AVISION Entertainment

Angel Cures

Francesca Mowatt

Most songs except for 2 written by S. Bonnick and I. Areliusson


Songs from the Album Angel Cures about a selection of different angels and their roles.  It has occurred to me that  we are in an age of awareness and enlightenment.  I feel more and more people are at last waking up to their senses and realizing there's more to life than what we see.  More to life than money, appearances and things. The search for happiness begins with such reality and until that's understood, there is no true happiness. We waste so much precious time envying and coveting others only to find out when and if achieved its not what we really wanted anyway; or thinking we can have better and even more.  There's nothing wrong with trying to do the best you can, trying to be the best you can and have nice things but knowing where to stop is the key as is learning how to share.

You don't have to believe in angels to benefit from their work but it's easier to gain their goodness when you are aware of their presence. Angel Cures is a New Age album which includes 14 different angels and their roles in the Universe.

Take Arch  Angel Michael. He's Gods right hand man summoned when you're lost and giving up hope; if you're unlucky in love then Angel Opiel is the one to call upon; if you're indecisive about what to learn or need more wisdom Diana can help; if your animal is ailing it's Yvonne; arch Angel Gabriel is the truth angel he and Angel Raphael are both healing angels; anything to do with Mother Earth is ruled by Seleah; now if you're guilt ridden about something in life it's  Angel Zapiel you need to answer to as he's the soul collector, the punishing angel. Also on the album is Uriel; there's Angel Grace who's called upon for help with solving problems and Francesca the Angel of doubt so if you're unsure about something you'll call upon her and she'll make sense of what's wrong and bring about hope; Baharama is a hypnotic tune serenading the angel of desires; for travellers Ezgadi is the Angel to have around.  Included is also Ariel - love and harmony and Suriel.

These mesmerising songs will put even the worst insomniacs to sleep and simultaneously touch the relevant sub conscience eventually leading to a happy balanced life.
However this is just an assumption.  Before purchasing we must emphasise that everyone must be responsible for their own destiny.  We are just spiritual musicians NOT medical or psychological practitioners.